In addition to hair cutting colouring and styling the following is also available (either on its own or as a lead-in-to a cut and blow dry)as a 30 minute session performed while seated and fully clothed


This treatment starts with a massage to the neck and shoulders to alleviate stress, and muscle tension, A reviving scalp, massage using a Combination, of essential oils to improve circulation, and relax you.I use a combination of sweet almond oil, olive oil, and peppermint.
A soothing face massage using pressure points to help ease headaches also helps sinus problems, Reiki is then used to balance the three upper chakras. The session is finished off with an intensive hair treatment using macadamia oils warmed with hot towels. £20
Think of this as a great little 'pick me up treat' to yourself.


I received a diploma in wig cutting and motovation at the L’Oreal academy run by Trevor SorbieImportantly the knowledge and cutting skills I obtained from this course has as enabled me to offer this specialized service in the comfort and privacy of my own salon.
At a sensitive time, for those suffering from conditions such as cancer and alopecia. I can provide a personalized cut to your wig taking into account your preferences creating a style that is individual to you. The wig cutting service is also available for anyone with transgender requirements.


The challenge of taking on your wedding hair (including your Bridesmaids) is an area of particular expertise, and I can't help but get excited at being involved in the preparations for your special day. For a FREE consultation to discuss your precise needs, please do not hesitate to get in touch.


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